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Wonseok Shin

Graduate Student, Seoul National University, CSE

I am currently in my final semester towards Master’s in Computer Science at Seoul National University, under the guidance of Prof. Kunsoo Park.

I am broadly interested in methods for understanding and analyzing large-scale data, such as efficient algorithms, data mining and machine learning. While I love the rigor and beauty of theoretical methods, I am also deeply interested in practical applications of such techniques.

Previously, I recieved Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematical Science (double major) also at SNU. I also have spent wonderful time at AIgenDrug Co. Ltd, studying data mining and machine learning on molecular graphs.

For further information about me, please refer to my Curriculum Vitae.

Recent Updates

May 20, 2024 I will be giving a talk at Top Conference Session of Korea Computer Congress 2024, on our VLDB24 paper.
Apr 15, 2024 Our paper “Cardinality Estimation of Subgraph Matching: A Filtering-Sampling Approach” is accepted to VLDB 2024
Sep 1, 2022 I started my graduate studies at Computer Theory and Applications Lab @ SNU
Jan 20, 2022 Our paper “부분 그래프 매칭 문제를 위한 새로운 동적 매칭 순서와 성능 비교” is published in 정보과학회논문지
Dec 27, 2021 Started internship at Aigendrug. Co. Ltd (Advisor : Professor Sun Kim and Dr. Sunho Lee)
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